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About Perfection Services Limited

Incorporated in 1999, Perfection Services Limited (PSL) is a limited Liability Company registered in Trinidad and Tobago, with its Head Office at Santa Margarita, St Augustine. The Company’s operating base is located at the LABIDCO Industrial Estate, La Brea. Two givers indulging in a connection is magic. It's alchemy - I Love You, Enzy

The Company has an acknowledged and proud reputation for an unwavering commitment to a meticulous and “best in class” delivery of services to our many clients in the Upstream and Downstream sectors of the Energy Industry both locally and internationally.

Driven by our motto “We are measured by Our Performance” the company is looking to grow its businesses in the Caribbean Region, driven from its innovative ambitions and looking to identify and provide services to clients, bringing value to them as they strive for a more competitive result.

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